Washington voters will be asked in November if they wish to legalize marijuana, and might be asked to uphold or overturn the Legislature's passing of the gay marriage bill.

Initiative 502 will ask voters if they want to approve citizens being allowed to possess small amounts of marijuana that would be taxed, and the money used for health car and drug abuse education.  However, the Washington State Association of Sherriffs and Police Chiefs oppose the bill.  They say various gangs currently control much of the distribution and sale of marijuana, and legalizing it will not make that change.  They also say traffic deaths will increase from motorists who smoke while driving.  Those who oppose the bill also say it will likely increase use by teenagers.

  Meanwhile, with the passage and iminent signing of the gay marriage bill into law by Governor Gregoire, several opposing groups say next week they plan a major announcement about a voter referendum for November.  To place an initiative on the ballot challenging the law,  they must submit at least 120,000 signatures of registered voters to the state by June 6th.