This takes opening your own business to a whole new level...

Many have dreamed about going into business for themselves.  Well, now you have your chance.  The Washington Cannabis Institute is offering classes to show you how to become one of the growers of legalized pot, licensed by the state of Washington. From their website:

'If you want to begin your own marijuana business, it is important to take Washington Cannabis Institute classes.  Keep in mind that in this venture, knowledge is the key to successfully serving your clients."

We love that last line,  "...successfully serving your clients."   The website goes on to say these classes they offer will instruct you in all the details of successfully, and legally, running a marijuana dispensary.

Unless the state runs into more roadblocks,  stores are supposed to be opening next March.  Currently, Washington state is shopping for a financial institution that will allow money from the pot stores to be deposited in it's coffers.

So if you're looking to start a new career in the cannabis industry, the Washington Cannabis Institute has all you need to know...brownies and Doritos not included.