Their Facebook page proposes an "interesting" tax be reinstated.

We stumbled across this item Thursday on Facebook.   A group of alternative energy buffs have started a page, and they want what's called a "Robin Hood" tax.  They call themselves:  Washington Citizens for the Robin Hood Tax.

Now, we're not blinded fans of everyone on Wall St. There have been cheaters, crooks and unethical business dealers.  But in principle, this should go against everything you stand for when it comes to economic freedom,  free enterprise and more.  The right to pursue your financial goals, succeed or fail, and the right to do what you want with YOUR money.

This group are very much against the Keystone Pipeline, and they want the government to pass a tax on Wall St. to pay for alternative energy research.   It's textbook 101 progressive, liberal redistribution of wealth passed off as "morality" and public service.

Space doesn't permit us to debate their medical and health claims as to why they think the pipeline is bad.  We are just addressing the financial principles.

Their Facebook page even says "it is moral and fair."     So it's fair to TAKE what others have EARNED without their permission?  It's FAIR and MORAL to TAKE from others to further agendas that YOU believe in?

They want to bring back what is called The Transaction Tax.   Until 1966,  the government placed a tax on sales or transfers of stock.   They also claim 40 countries have such taxes now.    So just because others are doing it makes it right?  Justifiable?

Obviously, they have not put much thought into the current state of the economy.  Guess they forgot about the income tax ratios in America,  what percentages of taxes are paid by the top 5, 10, or even 15% of wage earners?  Let's have them start paying another tax on top of that.  Great!  Let's punish those who have succeeded.   And don't give us that blather about how they're all greedy cheaters.   Most of us don't have the will, guts or vision to do what it takes to become that successful, and that includes myself.

This logic reminds us of numerous friends we had growing up.   When you and your friends went to movies, or for ice cream, there was always that child who had $10-$20 bucks or so.  Then there was always that obnoxious mooch who never had money, but expected the kid WITH the money to pay his way.   Why?  His answer : "you've got money - enough for yourself and others.  You can afford it."

That is the epitome of entitlement mentality.  Regardless of what other countries are doing,  regardless of your "higher" moral goal,  you don't have the right to TAKE from others for YOUR selfish purposes.

We said it before, and have applied this to other similar situations.  If you're so gung-ho about and idea,  how about YOU foot the bill yourself?

As Americans, we have the RIGHT to believe in and support a wide variety of agendas and views.  BUT that doesn't include forcing others to foot the bill for OUR political or societal programs.

Most of us are not uber-rich.   Some of us struggle.  But we don't begrudge others who are better off just because they're in a higher tax bracket.   If you DO, then you are just as guilty of envy and greed, and entitlement mentality - "because THAT person has more than I do, they are "morally" obligated to share it with me, or others for "social good."

Sorry, doesn't work that way.