According to a new poll, supported by survey data, Washington drivers are in the bottom third of worst drivers in America.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and Google driving trends, as well as the Insurance Research Council, the worst drivers in America are in Florida, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. But we're NOT that far behind.

Washington ranks 18th out of the 50 states, only one position behind CALIFORNIA! Our neighbors to the south, Oregon, and east, Idaho, are nowhere to be found in the bottom 25.

We rank 8th worst in the number of DUI intoxicated drivers, with an average of 6.47 intoxicated motorists for every 1,000 drivers on the road. According to Google trend and insurance data, we rank 10th worst in the number of traffic citations, for infractions of all types.

But at least there's one state that outdoes us, and everyone else, in the category of most intoxicated drivers per 1,000.  Vermont saw nearly 51 motorists out of every 1,000 drivers get nailed for a DUI!  Wow...and that's Bernie Sander's home state.  Hmmm...