By a vote of 54-44, the House has approved the plan that would require insurance companies who offer maternity care to also cover elective abortions.

House Bill 2148 is needed, say supporters, because if a woman choses to have an abortion, her insurance might not cover the related medical issues.

Opponents say it would require businesses and insurance companies to pay for policies that contain provisions that are not in line with their personal beliefs. They also say it could make insurance for mothers and families more expensive.  It would force families who don't even consider having an abortion to pay extra money to cover those who choose to do so.

A similar bill passed the House last spring, but was stopped in the Senate by the Coalition, the group of 24 GOP and 2 Democratic leaders.  They are also the ones who stopped numerous House and Gov. Inslee supported tax increases which would have occurred by  doing away with hundreds of business tax credits across the board.