The Chicago Cubs are so bad their fans make better plays than the players.

Want proof? Watch this guy in the last row of the bleachers risk his life to make an amazing catch on a home run hit by the Brewers Mark Reynolds on Monday. The fan is Mike Pullin, 65, and if he leaned back a few more inches, Wrigley Field could've very well been the site of a tragedy.

Despite Pullin's great catch, he stuck to Wrigley Field protocol and tossed the ball back. Actually, though MLB Network noticed he did the Old "Switcheroo!"   He threw back a different ball than the one he caught!  He had obviously brought another ball with him, and kept the the in his glove.  The eagle eyes of the MLB Network commentators caught that one..

Perhaps the Cubs ought to think about signing Pullin. He couldn't hurt, right?