One witness said they felt like they weren't even in the United States anymore. The situation has become surreal, they said. Pictured are some of the supporters of the rancher near Mesquite, Nevada.

This situation grabbing national headlines boils down to this:  Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy's cattle have grazed for decades on his family ranch near the Gold Butte property.  For over 20 years Bundy has fought the Bureau of Land Management in court over refusal to pay grazing fees.

Bundy and his attorneys claim his family had ownership rights of part of the Gold Butte 600,000 acre reserve years before the Bureau even existed, and apparently has paperwork to support his claim. Reports indicate his ancestors have ranched in the area since at least 1947.  The BLM and federal government say the land belongs to them, and Bundy owes them huge sums of money for allowing his herd to graze on "their" land.

The dispute erupted a number of days ago when the BLM swarmed his ranch, and began confiscating some of his 900 cattle, using vehicles and helicopters.    A police dog was turned loose on a female supporter who happened to be pregnant, and Bundy's son was tasered by an agent.   BLM claims violence erupted only after one of Bundy's supporters kicked one of their officers.   Pictures of the scene show choppers, vehicles, and heavily armed agents and snipers in numerous positions around the ranch.

But the heavy-handed approach has grabbed the attention of thousands of militia members around the country.  The fact that Bundy's ranch is now surrounded has prompted them to grab their guns and head to Nevada.

The Washington Times and Local News 8 from Las Vegas are reporting  one of the groups that arrived, called Operation Mutual Aid, is fully prepared to use their guns in support of Mr. Bundy.   Jim Lordy, one of the group leaders, told the Vegas TV station, they provide support for such situations.  Another member of the group reportedly told reporters:

"I'm not afraid to shoot."

Many critics have noticed the feds can't provide anything even close to this when it comes to protecting our borders, but can "bring out the army" when it comes to going after one of it's own citizens.   Support for Mr. Bundy is swelling, and numerous other militia groups say they've mobilized and are heading for his ranch.