Have you been out to the West Richland Golf Course lately?  If not,  take a trip out, and enjoy not only great golf, but incredible food!

We had an opportunity to join them for lunch the other day, and it was great!     Whether it's tasty breakfast items, such as a killer Belgian waffle,  or the mushroom burger or Reuben sandwich, there's something for everyone on the menu!  (And very affordable prices too).

The tacos are delicious, and a favorite of guests in the clubhouse.  The onion rings are homemade, as are many of the ingredients they utilize, and you can taste the difference!

And then there's the view!  While dining in the clubhouse, you enjoy the scenery out the huge windows that overlook the course.   And the golf specials will attract even the most casual golfer.

The course is located at 4000 Fallon Drive in West Richland.   Just head out Van Giesen, hang a right onto Fallon, and a short drive later, you're there!     The new clubhouse opened in 2011, and features a homey, rustic comfortable look, with a huge fireplace that's lit in the fall, winter and colder months.

The huge fireplace at West Richland golf course (Townsquare media image)

Even during the offseason,  stop by and enjoy some breakfast, lunch or dinner.  The bar has afternoon specials from 4-7pm, and during NFL football and other games, numerous specials as well.

DO NOT MISS Taco Tuesday!  That's when we went for lunch, and although our favorite is the mushroom burger, we tried some of the wide variety of tacos.   That's why lots of folks stop by and enjoy them, especially the soft-shell variety.

The course restaurant also caters, so consider having your work or family function or event at the clubhouse.  There's lots of room, and a great menu.

Make plans to stop by an visit, enjoy a meal and some golf too!  Take a tour yourself by clicking here!

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