After first indicating they were going to show up at the funeral of two small boys who died in that Graham WA house explosion, now the Westboro Baptist Church says the trip is cancelled.

Earlier this week, the daughter of church leader Fred Phelps Jr. had said on twitter the group would protest at the funerals of  Charlie and Braden Powell, but Friday Phelps tweeted "trip cancelled."   Whether or not the controversial group shows up or not is still in question, but they may have been stymied by the over 1,800 facebook pledges of people who said they would make sure Westboro didn't get anywhere near the funeral.   In the past, this hate group has threatened to show up and protest at funerals of police, soldiers and others, but never showed up.   Officials believe they are now using the threat of a protest to attempt to draw reactions as much as if they show up.  The nutbag group claims God is punishing America for it's sins, and especially homosexuality, and they say as much when they show up at funerals and cause disruptions.