We had a lot of fun with this, and tons of response on our Facebook page!

Again, just having a little fun with the Smartcar.   We had dozens of suggestions from folks who tried to predict what it was we felt was different about the car.

Well, here's our answer:   Never before have we ever seen someone drop what had to be at least $800 bucks on custom wheels for an ultra-high milage vehicle.  If you looked closely, you might have seen that those were not exactly the factory wheels that came with it.

We recently popped some custom wheels off my wife's car due to scratches and damage,  they are pictured below.   These wheels in general aren't cheap, we can tell you.  So for everyone who spotted the "bling" on the Smartcar, congratulations- you were right!

Hey, how would it look with these on there?

(Townsquare media image)