The Family Policy Institute of Washington has pointed out something nobody else in the media, or the discussion over Obamacare, has really noticed.

You may have heard, especially if you're a business owner, the penalty for not buying health insurance for a 'full-time' employee is $2,000 a year.   According to the FPI,  if a company has 50 workers, that would be an annual fine of $100,000.

However, did you know the penalty for purchasing health insurance that DOES NOT cover contraceptives is 18 times higher?   It's $100 a day!    That works out to be over $1.8 million dollars annually for the same company with 50 workers.

Why is that?   Why is the penalty for not covering contraceptives -including abortion services - so much higher?   It's not about offering choices to workers.   The Family Policy Institute points out this is about much more than that.   The Institute says when you look at the big picture,  a completely different agenda comes into view:

"When you view the bizarre punitive system built into ObamaCare with the stories of florists, photographers, bakers, and nurses, who have all faced legal or professional penalties because of their views about controversial social issues, a theme begins to develop.


The goal is not simply to create the policy they prefer, but to embed within the policy ways to punish those who disagree. 


They don't simply want to allow same-sex couples to get "married".  They want to close businesses owned by people who disagree with their view on marriage.    


They don't simply want women to have access to abortion and contraception.  They want to make sure every medical professional and business person supports the agenda."

(Bold lettering added for emphasis).

When you think about this for a moment, consider the Obamacare laws.  Then think about how the Arlene's Flowers case has progressed.   Even before same-sex marriage was legalized in WA state,  under pressure from special-interest groups, in 2006  legislators slipped the same-sex discrimination clause into the existing Civil Rights bill that had stood since the 1960's.

  Now that same-sex marriage is legal,  special interest groups can now use the anti-discrimination law to sue, bully and batter businesses into submission.  This isn't just about dissenting opinions, this is about beating those who oppose certain agendas into submission.

  And interestingly enough,  this attack on traditional American morals and values comes from groups of people who pride themselves on being the tolerant and accepting ones.

  You have to look at the big picture, and tie together the different areas where the beliefs, morals and values of many Americans are not only under attack, their personal freedoms to live their lives the way they wish are being trampled. .

   (The Family Policy Institute of Washington is a conservative, non-profit group founded to defend and protect individual rights, religious beliefs, and what are recognized as traditional American values. )