While searching for the rest of our lunch the other day,  we came across this wonderful morsel in the Townsquare Media fridge.  We now know Hot Pockets do NOT have the same amount of preservatives as Twinkies!

We honestly don't know how long this was in the fridge, but judging from the white decorations on the Hot Pocket,  it's been a while.  And that's NOT powdered sugar.  It was surprising it was growing despite still being inside the plastic.

I suppose we could have searched on the internet for a way to determine mold growth stages to determine it's age, but that's CSI stuff.  This isn't the worst we've ever seen, but since our LAST cleaning, it's the funkiest.  Some of the old stuff we threw away walked out of the fridge under it's own power.

Ever find any scientific experiments in YOUR fridge?  Send us the pictures, and we will post them and share your discoveries.  After all, spring is coming, and so is spring cleaning!