Not only did I notice, but so did my wife and son.

A few weeks ago,  Beats Headphones, made by rap star and producer Dr. Dre, debuted a new commercial starring Kevin Garnett - the former Celtics and current Brooklyn Nets star.  In the dark and gloomy - and some say disturbing - commercial,  Garnett arrives for a game and his bus is swarmed by rabid, hostile fans of the opposing team.  The full-length ad shows the bus being pelted by garbage and fans hurling insults and fury at him.

Garnett puts on the headphones and blocks out the sound, listening to Aloe Blacc's song "The Man".

In the latest version, San Francisco QB Colin Kaepernick arrives at a rainy cloud stadium in much the same fashion.   The fans are even more violent than those in the Garnet commercial.

And it's no surprise that the colors being worn by the fans include the neon yellow and some of the shades of blue and green seen at Century Link Field in Seattle.  While no actual Seahawk jerseys are shown, it would take somebody living in a cave for five years not to see the directors are insinuating they are Seahawk fans.   Given the rivalry between the two teams,  it's no coincidence.

Watch the video for yourself.   While it's powerful and grabs your attention, it's also a little disturbing - the behavior of the fans - especially the little girl sitting on her father's shoulders who yells "you suck" at the bus.