It won't be Seattle, but they won't have it easy, either.

The Oakland Raiders will face the toughest schedule this fall -- it's almost an insult to a franchise that has fallen on seriously hard times over the last 15-plus seasons.

According to ESPN, the average winning percentage of the Raider's opponents coming this season is .578. Second? Denver with .570. The St. Louis Rams are third at .564, followed by the Chargers and 49ers at .563.

Seattle chimes in at No. 6 toughest schedule with a .561. By the way, the Titans and Colts have the easiest schedules, with opponents' winning percentages .432 and .431 respectively. They better win some games this year! Much of the strength of schedule for them, however, comes from playing in divisions with very weak opponents and inter-conference play against other weak divisions as well.

7 Kansas City Chiefs .559
8 Arizona Cardinals .547
9 New York Jets .520
10 New England Patriots .516
11 Atlanta Falcons .512
12 Miami Dolphins .508
13 Green Bay Packers .504
14 Buffalo Bills .500
15 Chicago Bears .496
16 Detroit Lions .492
17 Washington Redskins .490
18 Dallas Cowboys .488
19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers .484
20 Philadelphia Eagles .479