At least it's a move in the right direction.  The Committee overseeing the investigation into the failed Solyndra Solar Panel Company bailout fraud may sue the White House.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee, who are investigating why the White House authorized over 500 million in loans to now bankrupt energy company Solyndra may sue the White House by filing a comtempt charge.  They hope to force the White House to release any and all information about the failed energy company.   Solyndra, the CA based solar energy-panel-alternative energy company, was perhaps the poster child for Obama's green energy program; but it was the first of several such firms to either go under, or reorganize.  1,100 people were out of a job when it failed.   Investigators are trying to determine why the White House gave them the money, when the firm was already on shaky ground.   Energy Secretary Chu has already admitted the WH knew much of the shaky data but approved the TARP money anyway.