Next week, the Supreme Court will hear arguments that Obamacare violates the US Constitution, and the White House is strangely quiet.

But not really surprising, because as critics say, oftentimes when things go wrong the WH (Obama) either deflect the blame, or shutter up.   According to recent poll data, 3 out of 5, or 60% of Americans, do not believe it is right for the government to force everyone to buy health insurance by 2014.  Republicans and other opponents hope the Court will strike down the entire bill as unconstitutional.  One of the core issues to be argued is that it is illegal for the US Government to force an individual citizen to enter into a business or financial contract with the government against that person's will.

   Four Federal Courts have heard arguments about the bill.  Two upheld it, one struck down the insurance mandate, and the fourth ruled that it was too early to make a decision until the main portions of the bill take effect in 2014.  Should the Supreme Court strike it down, it would be one of the biggest political and societal defeats for a president in US history.