If you're not big on French Revolution history, 'let them eat cake' was a phrase supposedly uttered by a member of French Royalty during the period of the revolution, in response to being told the people had no bread.  It has become a catch phrase for leaders who are completely out of touch with their people.

With that in mind, the Washington Times has released it's "Top 5 Let Them Eat Cake White House Moments;  the top 5 examples of the Obama's illustrating they are very much out of touch with Americans.    Especially since the economic recession has wracked the nation, unemployment still higher than any president since Jimmy Carter, and financial and national uncertainty,  the Obama's have often displayed judgement that baffles pundits on both sides of the political isle and citizens.

  The Times feature is part of the reaction to the stunning tell-all book "The Obama's" by New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor.  Click here to see the list from the Washington Times.