As we scrape and scrap to make sure our Christmas is fulfilling, making sure we remember loved ones with a special gift or two,  the Obamas felt it was necessary to include us in the 'gift giving' process.

Much like his first year when Obama took his family to Hawaii for the holidays, (he has roots there, so maybe that's understandable)  the First Family is headed back to the sunshine for 17 days-that's how long the family is there, Obama delayed because of business in D.C.   Now, some of us at Newstalk have roots in Germany, but we don't jet off there every Christmas.  We let postcards and letters suffice.   The Obama family junkett will be largely financed by taxpayer dollars.  While the Obama's are footing the bill for their own vacation home, the rest of the trip will come to around 4 million dollars.   4 million maybe a drop in the bucket compared to TARP etc, but it is the principle.  While the country is experiencing the worst economic trend in many years, if not decade, Obama's sense of timing is not....good.   And the 'funny' part of all this?   It's the 99% who are footing the bill.   For more specific details see this report from The