According to the website,  it's pretty simple. is a site where computer and IT (information technology) savvy people can share information, stories and pick each others brains.

According to Mike Masnick, who is the founder of the website Floor64 - which helps companies innovate, inspire and perform with help of digital and computer technology - the government screwed up because they handed Obamacare over to the same giant government industrial complex who's messed up virtually every other computer project they've handled!  According to Masnick:

 "...Then there's SAIC -- which I can't believe can still get government business. This is the same firm that famously was given a $380 million contract to revamp the FBI system, on which it went $220 million over budget, and then saw the entire system scrapped after it (literally) brought some users to tears, and the FBI realized it was useless in fighting terrorism.

Throw in other useless lobbying groups, D.C. power players and incompetent IT firms, mix them in a blender, and voila!  You have the tech disaster known as  Masnick says none of these teams are what is called "internet native,"  of truly capable of putting together large projects.

He says it's more about being a D.C. insider and who you know than what you know, and that's why the Obama Administration - by playing crony capitalism - screwed up the website from the start.   He says, along with other critics at, the American people should demand their tax dollars back.