It's the oldest, and next to Spokane's Hoopfest, the biggest 3 on 3 basketball tournament in Eastern Washington, North Oregon and North Idaho, and a ton of fun!

For three years now, our son Dhylan has played on 3 on 3 street basketball team in the Walla Walla Peach Basket Classic, and this year, his team made the finals of his division.

There's 32 divisions, or categories, making it possible for people of literally ALL ages to compete. From grade school boys and girls, to all female teams, to senior citizens, to the exciting open categories, thousands of players gather in historic downtown Walla Walla the first weekend in August for this fun event.

Dhylan's team entered the 6 foot and over, 21-and-under catagory, which had several dozen teams. They ended up finishing 2nd, with a 3-2 record. You don't have to be an accomplished player to have fun.  His team consisted of a former Kamiakin standout, another friend who didn't play in school, plus another kid who played frosh ball at KaHS and Dhylan played at Highlands Middle School.

And many teams came dressed in wild matching costumes, jerseys and hilarious team names.  The Plastic Cup Boys, 3 And a Sub, Short and Stubby, Justice League, and Slackers are among the creative names. Dhylan's team was The Brick Squad.

Besides the games, there's a slam dunk competition in several categories, as well as a three-point shooting event. A lot of fun!

Downtown Walla Walla welcomes the hoopsters, and between games you can check out the shops, businesses, and stuff yourself with the great food in the many local restaurants and shops.

Unlike some other similar tournaments around the Northwest, Peach Basket has kept it's charm, amateur feeling, and has not become a 'corporate' event dominated by ringer teams who actually play many tourneys for money and make a living at it.

Even if you don't compete, it's a lot of fun to visit, watch and enjoy a weekend away. Dhylan and his buddies are already planning on how to get better next year, and hopefully win their division.