Smoke from area wildfires is likely to have contributed to the accident,  in which there have been at least 11 injuries, some serious.  This is an overhead image of the crash site, courtesy of the Washington State Patrol (KNDU-TV)

Our news partner, KNDU-TV, is reporting that around 11am   cars and trucks became snarled on Interstate 90 near Vantage.  The freeway has been closed between the Vantage Bridge and Kittitas, the wreck involved 15 cars and 6 semi-trucks.

While the State Patrol doesn't yet know what specifically triggered the chain-reaction incident,  they say smoke and poor visibility was likely a factor.

Earlier this week, a 20-mile stretch of the Interstate in that area was closed because nearby wildfires jumped their containment lines.

More information is expected to be released later today or Friday.