If the sequester has spoiled your spring, we've got the solution!

Newstalk 870 wants to you win your share of $50,000! It's called The Sequester Smasher! Listen every Monday through Friday for the on-air Cue to Call. When you hear it, be the 25th caller at 1-977-854-WINS (9467) and you score a Sequester-Smashing $1,000! Do not call the studio line.

So what if the feds chop events and programs everywhere? You'll have your cool grand to spend on whatever you want!

No shortage of funding for listeners here!

Newsmember VIPs:  be sure to enter our online version, too! Another big chunk of money will be given away at the end of May, so you have two chances to win! If you're not a Newsmember, become one today!