We knew Wal-Mart offers just about everything, but a Tulsa woman took it a little too far.

Police report the woman, 45 year old Elizabeth Elisha Greta Halfmoon, was in the store for nearly six hours, before store security noticed her acting strangely.   Turns out she was attempting to shoplift the necessary chemcials to attempt to make methamphetamine. When store security nabbed her she had just started mixing together  sulferic acid and starter fluid.   An officer who disposed of the bottle did not know the ingredients were "active", although it lacked the pseudophedrine needed and other chemicals to finish cooking the drug.    Halfmoon has a previous arrest related to the attempted theft and illegal obtaining of pseudophedrine (from cold medicines) used in making the drug.   No one was injured in her actions.  She was attempting to use a non flammable method of "cooking" or mixing the chemicals together.