Kennewick police are continuing to investigate why a 25-year-old woman decided to bring a bag of drugs with her to go home improvement shopping Saturday.

Around 11:30am at the Kennewick Home Depot on 27th Ave,  police were called about a woman who claimed she was being "held against her will".

The woman, Leticia Rubalcava,  whose address was not released,  claimed she was being held by a Hispanic male in his 50's.

Once police arrived, they determined the other people involved were related to her and they were concerned for her safety - which is why the police were called.

She began to scuffle with officers, and tried to grab a bag she had brought into the store.   She began to yell non-sensical statements very loudly, and officers eventually placed her in cuffs for her own protection.   After being placed in a police cruiser, she then appeared to be passing out.

After officers opened the door to check on her, she sprang out of the back seat of the police car, and began yelling nonsense again, and laughing.   After being transported to Trios Health Center ER, (formerly Kennewick General Hospital) she was then taken to the Benton County jail.

Police found a "sizeable" amount of meth in the bag she was carrying.  She's been charged with possession of meth, obstruction, and resisting arrest.