We knew the economy was hurting NASCAR, but this is ridiculous!

An elderly Michigan woman is facing possible charges for allegedly dressing up the dead body of her companion, sitting him in a chair and talking to him while "they" watched NASCAR races.

The remains of Charles Zigler were found sitting in a chair in the home of 72-year-old Linda Chase after Zigler's son called police. The son claimed Chase refused to let him in the house to see his father, who apparently had been staying -- or at least spending considerable time -- there at the home in Jackson, Michigan.

Chase reportedly kept the body "clean" -- she claims there was no smell. Police believe he died in December 2010, although Chase claimed it was one year later. While there are no direct charges in connection with the body,  Chase is facing fraud because she continued to cash a variety of pension and retirement checks that were sent to Zigler.

Her reason for keeping the dead man around?

"I didn't want to be alone... he was the only guy who was ever nice to me."

Hearing that, it becomes a little harder to be cynical for her reasoning, even if it's bizarre.