A Burley, Idaho woman has been charged with DUI after officers pulled her over for erratic driving, officers find dead man in back seat of truck.

In a weird tale of DUI with a twist, a 21 year old Burley woman was charged with DUI after officers stopped her for weaving Tuesday evening.  What officers did NOT expect to find inside the truck was the body of a dead man.  Kristin Hope Krull, the driver, was covered in blood when she was stopped.  Apparently she had been heading home from a bar with two men and another woman, when one of the men shot the other in the head.  24 year old Michael Jared Thompson of Burley has been charged with second degree murder in the death of 21 year old Michael Kenneth Blair. When Krull was pulled over she stepped out and asked officers for help.  Apparently Thompson and the other unidentified woman fled from the truck just after the shooting, leaving Krull to deal with the deceased man in the back seat.  According to unconfirmed reports, Krull had been driving around for some time seeking help, but was so intoxicated she did not know where to stop to get assistance.  Burley is a tiny town about halfway between Boise and Pocatello along Interstate 84 in Southern Idaho.