As much as millions of us enjoy interacting and spending time on the world's #1 social network, apparently it's not as much fun actually working there.

The British newspaper The Telegraph has published a story that strips away the glitzy face of the social media giant, and reveals many employees are unhappy, stressed and disappointed.

Business Insider magazine released data that was compiled by the question-and-answer website Quora about the social network.

Despite the fact Facebook was named the world's best employer earlier this year,  numerous workers both past and present don't have good things to say about the place.

The company is known for high salaries, even for interns,  providing huge amounts of food and other perks, and encouraging employees to completely be themselves at work.  But according to the study taken by Quora, the top five complaints about working at Facebook are:

  • Long working hours,  According to the study, Engineer Keith Adams, said he was expected to work 24-7 for six weeks during the year.   The engineers are responsible for keeping the site up and running, regardless of what obstacles or technical issues they might find.  Another worker said employees were put on a strenuous performance improvement plan.  They worked 12-14 hours a day, constantly on the phone, and were continually reminded of performance.
  • No Privacy.  One engineer who asked to remain anonymous said because the culture of Facebook asks employees to be themselves, the company lacks "professionalism."   He said in most companies you put up a wall between your real personality and one that is suitable for work, and you end up with professionalism.  Not the case at Facebook.   No such walls exist, and another former worker said employees had absolutely no privacy at any time.
  • Lack of Focus.  A former intern said their team within the company had a "complete lack of focus" as to what they were supposed to do and how to do it.  Another worker says Facebook doesn't yet have a functional infrastructure, and trying to figure out how to do "cool" things with a team of 4,000 is much harder than when they had only 500 people.   Another said everything was a guessing game, no instructions or policies, and when they failed to perform, they were told they lacked intuition as a professional!
  • Not as Exciting as it seems.   One former worker said it was their worst job experience ever,  no training or leadership, and managers treated them like dirt.  They were even asked to perform inappropriate jobs such as sorting the manager's dirty laundry!  Another said  knowing you are part of an overhyped company that was supposed to be worth $200 billion but isn't is discouraging - especially when your own stock in the company continues to tumble in value.
  • Poor Attitude of Executives.    According to dozens of workers,  founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and COO Sheryl Sandberg spend way too much time on extracurricular activities, and allegedly copy off  the competition instead of trying to find fresh innovative ideas of their own. Many survey respondents also criticized what they called Zuckerman's "holier-than-thou" attitude.

A spokesman for Facebook told The Telegraph they would not comment on the story.