It all started when our son said "that sounds good!"

After seeing Facebook post that Dutch Brothers on Clearwater was offering up free coffee from 11pm to 5am Friday night into Saturday morning, our son Dhylan suggested we try it.

   Apparently the Clearwater location near Union St. was kicking off their new 24-hour Tri-City location, and the word got out.  Unon our arrival, we found probably 75 people standing in line in the walk-up window, but the car line was crazy!

  A ribbon of headlights stretched from the parking lot, back up Union St. then curling back down Kennewick Ave. well past HAPO. 

  Did we get our coffee?  We thought about staying line, but like several cars in front of us, our truck was half-hanging into the right hand lane on Clearwater.  And there was a KPD cruiser patrolling the area, probably wondering 'what the heck?'

   We didn't stick around, but as we were leaving, through our open window we heard two young teenagers say as they were walking towards the location:

 "Maybe we should come back around 2:30? (as in a.m.)  Maybe the lines will be shorter...

(Townsquare media image)