After cresting early this AM, Saturday, the Yakima River is expected to begin dropping bit by bit the rest of the weekend.

The expected crest was just about 12.92 feet,  below the 13 foot that is considered flood stage.  This does not mean there wasn't water in low-lying areas, but most residents had ample time to prepare by securing items, and moving others to higher ground.    The levels are well below 2011, when we did have a lot of water coming over the banks from the annual spring runoff.

  However, while the river is expected to drop below 11 feet by Tuesday,  residents and especially those choosing to recreate on the water are cautioned to be careful.   Fish and Wildlife and Emergency Services officials say it's probably better to avoid any boating or canoeing on the river until levels stabilize much later next week.   This last week, a family of four narrowly escaped disaster Tuesday when their canoe campsized on the river, spilling three adults and a four year old child into the water.   The child had a life jacket on, but the adults did not.   One person had to be plucked from a small island in the middle of the river. 

  So, best to avoid the river, until the levels recede to more normal levels.