After cresting mid morning Wednesday at 15.51 feet, the Yakima River appears to be receding a bit.

The 15.51 crest is about a foot less than what was forecast earlier in the week, keeping water away from some low lying areas, but still spreading far throughout other areas from Prosser to the Columbia River.  According to Benton County Emergency Services, the river is currently receding and has dropped nearly 2/3 of a foot since mid morning, and is expected to return to normal late Thursday or Friday a.m.  Despite the slight decline in the waters, many areas are not out of the woods yet. Much damage that could have occured will not be able to be assesed until the waters return to normal.  The Yakima has also affected the Columbia, turning waters near Columbia Park and downstream a muddy brown, and depositing thousands of tumbleweeds and debris along the shore and other areas.