Yakima's Proposition 1 passed by nearly a 70% margin!

The city became the second city in the state, and 3rd. local government, to approve this type of bill.

Proposition 1 now requires all tax increases in the city be approved by either 5 of the 7 city council members, OR, a simple majority of voting citizens.  Spokane approved such a measure last winter, and in 2012 Pierce County voters also required a super majority for tax increases.  Supporters said all too often, taxes were passed by a narrow 4-3 margin, often going against significant vocal opposition from citizens.

This is the same type of measure WA voters passed statewide five times between 1998 and 2012, that would have required a 2/3rds majority of the state legislature.   However, each time the initiatives were challenged by Governors Locke and Gregoire, and eventually struck down by the courts.

The Washington Policy Center, a conservative business-oriented think tank and political action group who backed the measure, says  more and more cities and counties are considering applying this type of restrictions at the local level.   They say it's a direct reaction to input from businesses and citizens.