It is becoming an escalating theme:  White House loans millions to green company,  officials tour plant touting it's job potential, then months later, company goes bankrupt or lays off most of workforce.

the website reports out of Las Vegas that yet another company, Amonix Inc (who makes solar panels and was the recipient of 5.9 million in stimulus money) has announced it will cut 2/3 of it's workforce. This cutback comes only about 7 months after opening it's factory in Nevada.  Company officials claimed the layoffs were 'temporary' and that soon the plant would ramp back up with a newer more efficient solar panel.   North Las Vegas Mayor Shari Buck, who had touted the plant as the provider of hundreds of new jobs, said the laid off workers were for a temporary project.  However,   several employees who were talked to by the Las Vegas Sun newspaper said they  knew nothing of the layoffs until a mandantory meeting was called.    One employee said nothing was ever said about their jobs being temporary,  he had worked for months to procure that job with Amonix.  Theodore Lewis, the employee in question, said he and dozens of others were simply told their job was done and were instructed to look for other work.   This is now the third such Federally subsidized green energy company to fail in just over one week.