Here are the results of recent Newstalk 870 polls!

Should the unincorporated citizens in the west Pasco "Riverview" doughnut hole be allowed to incorporate as a 'city inside a city' -- you had the following opinion:

  • 57 percent of you said yes, it's their right.  Freedom.
  • 34 percent of you said no, too complicated for police, fire, utilities etc.
  • 9 percent said not sure, needed more information.

As for the new full body scanners going into the Pasco Airport, you were a little more assertive:

  • 72 percent said it was wrong, an invasion of privacy
  • 22 percent said necessary evil, sign of the times
  • 6 percent said not sure.

Now get ready for a hot button topic:  Are conservative women in politics hotter than liberals?   Take that poll and let us know!   Thanks!