Tired of the chocolates and flowers? Are you totally over stuffed animals? You need to think outside the box this Valentine's Day. Here are some ideas:

  • 1

    His and Her bath robes with names embriodered

    It won't be gone in a week or make you fat and everyone needs a robe!

  • 2

    Write 365 love or gratitude notes

    Get a packet of sticky notes and write something lovey dovey on 365 of them. Put them in a jar and label it "smile a day."

  • 3

    Get a sharpie and an inexpensive white sheet. Create a "bed-time game"

    Draw a game board like "snakes and ladders" or "Candyland" with a pair of fuzzy dice. Write fun bed-time "activities" in the squares and do them when your game piece lands on the square.

  • 4

    Buy a book about sensual massage and read it together

    Word to the wise, buy one WITHOUT graphic pictures in case the kids find it.

  • 5

    Create a romantic treasure hunt

    Leave little gifts like flowers, chocolates, jewelry in scenic places around town and go find them together.

  • 6

    Find a coin with cool symbolism and make a ring out of it

    Many websites will help you convert coins into rings. Find one with the year of their birth, or your anniversary, or a coin from the country of their origin, or where they studied abroad (maybe Japan if they're into sushi or anime).


  • 7

    Surprise them with a Nerf gun fight

  • 8

    Rent a cool ride to share

    If the weather is good, rent a tandem bike. It will be tough to learn at first, but then you'll really enjoy the "togetherness" of it. If the weather is bad, rent a gator off road vehicle. If you're not "out-doorsy" rent a really fun automobile and go for a drive.

  • 9

    Make a tent in your living room with romantic candles, cushions and snacks (grapes, chocolate, dates, orange slices)

    Sometimes all you need to spice up your love life is a change of scenery.

  • 10

    Rent a projector and fill a kiddie-pool with blankets and pillows

    If it's warm enough, do it outside, otherwise your living room will work fine. Get a romantic movie (if there's none out now go with a classic, but don't risk a lame one) and project it on your wall. Lay in the fun kiddie-pool bed and enjoy.

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