According to the official Boston Marathon website, 10 Mid-Columbia residents were a part of the Boston Marathon today.

The Boston Athletic Club website listed 10 people from the Tri-Cities as entered participants in today's Boston Marathon. They included from Kennewick:

Kaylee Brooks, Susan Brain, Douglas Brown, Darris Griffith, and Suzy Walters. 

From Pasco:

Miranda Bachman

And from Richland:

Judy Bell, Ellie Hedel, Stephen Mazurkiewicz, and Maron Wang. 

The Boston Athletic Club website shows different splits for each runner, starting with 5k, through the end of the race (40k). Every Tri-Cities runner is listed with a finish time on the website, except Kaylee Brooks, whose information on the website did not contain any splits. It is not known if she started the race. According to the sophisticated digital tracking system, every runner who started was at least a start time, even if they dropped out shortly after beginning.

From the data listed, it appears Maron Wang ran a very competitive race, and the website appears to show she finished 4th in the female 65-69 age category.

Officials continue to investigate the two explosions that rocked the marathon near the finish line, killing at least two individuals, some reports are saying three. At least 20 people were injured.

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