Second Harvest broke ground on a new 14,000 square foot facility this week, an exciting development for the Mid-Columbia!

Previously, 2nd Harvest has operated out of a building that was not much bigger than a fast food restaurant.   Hard to believe they have been able to distribute over 5 million pounds of food in the last year alone.

 The new facility,  just off West Foster Wells Road near Highway 395 in Pasco, will not only increase the capacity several times, but includes refrigeration and freezer storage space.  Previously, 2nd Harvest had to immediately disperse any perishable foods to the needy in a matter of hours.  Once the new facility opens (slated for September), they will be able to stockpile eggs, milk, butter, and other refrigerated foods (as well as frozen vegetables, juice etc) and utilize them in the winter months especially, and during heavy holiday times.  They are still looking, as always, for any donations the community would like to make--either cash or foodstuffs.   Here are some of the pictures from this important event.

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