So much for being tough on crime.

Not only has Gov. Inslee refused to sign off on death penalty warrants or convictions, he's issued an Executive Order some time ago to put off any future executions in Walla Walla.  But now his soft on crime stance has bit him.  Badly. KIRO Radio News in Seattle reported this week, there's a felon on the loose because of the Governor's soft stance on crime.

The case involves a man named Tracy Hoggatt. Because of felonies committed in the late 1990's (which included second degree assault and robbery, and stealing 27 guns during a house break in) he was doing life in prison: 3 Strikes You're Out.

But Inslee has decided to pardon a number of these individuals, including Hoggatt. In 2017, according to KIRO News Radio, he wrote to the Parole Board, professed having found religion, and asked for leniency. So Inslee let him out of prison. After a few months, Hoggatt quit following his release terms and was incarcerated. However, he wrote to the board a SECOND time, same plea, and again just recently Inslee let him out.

One of the terms of his latest release was he had to get on a bus from Yakima to Kelso to a halfway house that was supposed to aid his transition to society. But that's the last time anyone saw him here in WA. He fled to CA, and is wanted by authorities there. He's wanted for resisting arrest, giving false ID to an officer and possession of abalone (shellfish) which is illegal there due to over-harvesting.

He was reportedly approached by a CA park ranger, he gave him the false ID because he, of course, didn't want them to know he was a 3-strikes offender on the loose. He ran away from the officer and is still on the loose.

Seattle media joked that officials need to get him back in jail so Inslee can pardon him a 3rd time.

So much for battling crime.

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