Power lines were downed and even Pasco schools delayed because of last night's storm.

What the National Weather Service is calling a "strong weather system" roared into the Columbia Basin late Sunday, and continues into Monday afternoon.

According to the NWS, steady winds in the 20's and low 30's with gusts upwards of 60 mph are still expected.   Sunday night, power lines were downed in Richland, especially the Duportail Street area,   Pasco schools were delayed due to outages,  and dozens of fences and trees were uprooted or blown over.

Crews were seen working on power lines in Kennewick on Clearwater near Union by Dutch Bros. Coffee, as well as crews trying to restore power in parts of Richland and Pasco.   Many residents will inherit new Christmas inflatables, as reports of dozens of the holiday decorations blew as many as two blocks away into other people's yards.

Newstalk 870 caught a photo of a 40 plus foot tall pine tree that was completely uprooted along the KID Canal just off of Union near 4th ave.   The lighted display sign in the parking lot of Circle K at Canal and Edison was also blown over.  The sign itself weighs a couple hundred pounds, and had been anchored with several 50lb sand tubes.

The fence next to our studios on A street in Pasco that separates us from the neighboring mobile home park was also a casualty of the wind.

Hopefully, things will settle down today and tonight!

Display sign blown over and damaged Canal and Edison Kennewick
(Townsquare media image)
Fence next to Newstalk Studios destroyed by winds in Pasco
(Townsquare media image)


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