There's a very curious-looking abandoned structure along US-31 in Bay Shore, Michigan near Petoskey.

It's made of stone and looks like it could have been built in the 1920s or is definitely crumbling and falling apart. Trying to figure out what it was once used for could be challenging. Was it a motel? Not likely...doesn't look big enough.

It looks like it could've been one of those northern Michigan souvenir shops; you know the ones – with Indian-made items, rubber snakes, cedarwood trinkets, candy, gag gifts, etc.

It also may have been a simple little restaurant; burgers, fries, pop, etc. A convenience store is another good possibility.

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Another good guess is a gas station. Looking at the photos below, there's an extended entrance that is reminiscent of old gas station buildings. It's right at a junction, which is a perfect place for a fuel stop...NOT a private residence. The pumps could have been a few feet in front of that extended entrance – but any drive that came through there is now all covered in grass, weeds, and bushes.

This is an easy, simple stop to make for a few photo ops and if you ever do make it up there, I suggest you take some shots before it's torn down.

Now just where is Bay Shore? It's in Charlevoix County, less than a mile south from Little Traverse Bay and seven miles west of Petoskey on US-31. A post office began operations in 1892 and closed in 1964; needless to say, it's a pretty small town.

There's not much to see in this little burg except that stone building and an old church but it's worth a handful of photo ops. Aside from those two, new businesses dot US-31, so you'll have to take a side road if you want to explore for more interesting things.

Take a look at the photos below and see if you can determine what this structure once was.

Abandoned Stone Building in Bay Shore

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