If a news reporter who donated to a fraudulent  corrupt organization, or charity, was tasked with giving you the "news" about that group, would you trust their assessment and reporting? Probably not.

That's the situation facing ABC News, who are now very red-faced over an admission by Chief News Anchor George Stephanopoulos that he donated $50,000 to the controversial Clinton Foundation.  That in and of itself is NOT a crime, but a serious conflict of interest because he and ABC News have let it taint their reporting on this matter.

The Clinton Foundation has been under a microscope for years, and now that Hillary is running for president, even more so.  Whether it's failing to report financial dealings to the IRS, or misleading reports about how much of the money actually goes to charity, the Foundation is being accused of corruption from multiple sources.

Last week, it was learned some $7 million dollars in government taxpayer money was "given" to the foundation - clear violation of ethics and financial laws.

Now, Stephanopoulos has admitted he donated a large amount of money all while continuing to report on the controversy.

According to the Media Research Center (MRC) Thursday:

"Only two weeks ago, MRC's NewsBusters website criticized a Stephanopoulos interview with the author of "Clinton Cash." Rather than objectively interview the author about his book -- which questions other donations to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State -- Stephanopoulos aggressively defended the Clintons."  (Bold lettering added for emphasis). 

Now, the MRC and other critics are calling for Stephanopoulos to step down from his position, or at least publicly remove himself from any and all future reporting on the Clinton Foundation due to his glaring conflict of interest.

Besides the Clinton Foundation donation, he should also have removed himself from reporting on Clinton-related dealings, because in 1992 onward, he served as the Communications Director for Bill Clinton's Presidential campaign, he also worked as Clinton's White House Communications director before leaving in 1996.


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