Remember the old game show Press Your Luck? Apparently a Kennewick shoplifter decided to do that this weekend.

Saturday afternoon at the Columbia Center Mall, Arnoldo Ortiz was detained by loss prevention officers at Macy's after allegedly trying to leave the store with some merchandise.

After talking with Kennewick police, due to his cooperation and apparent serious remorse, he was given a rare 'break' and ordered to leave the mall without being arrested. Reports indicate the item he took was not very expensive. He was cited, and banned from entering Macy's again.

However, Ortiz an hour later was spotted by store security in JC Penney trying to leave with ANOTHER stolen item. Police found he was carrying expensive boxes of designer chocolates worth over $200. Apparently he either thought he was lucky, or his remorse and cooperation earlier was just an act.

He's in the Benton County jail now, and whoever he was lifting the chocolates for won't get them for Valentines Day.


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