After Attorney General Jeff Sessions rolled back the Obama-era memos on pot, now many experts say advertising for pot stores and operations could be the next target.

Although there's no indication the feds will 'go after' pot stores to close them, a number of media experts now say don't be surprised if the government makes an effort to shut down advertising by such stores.

This could potentially affect stores such as Altitude in Prosser, Green 2 Go in Finley and other areas. Some media outlets won't accept pot advertising, just like banks won't take pot industry money because they're federally insured, and in doing so would be the same as drug money laundering.

It also depends upon the demographic of the audience as well.

But the stores do spend money on advertising in a variety of areas. No word on if the feds will go after social media sites, but Inside Radio reports attorneys say it's unlikely now the FCC will give broadcasters explicit clearance to air pot related TV and radio ads in 2018.

The attorneys say the reversal of the memos means there will be significant leeway and freedom for regional and other federal district attorneys to pursue pot related cases in the matter they see fit with federal law.

Broadcast experts caution don't be surprised if it affects pot related business advertising.

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