Around 1:29 PM Friday, Oct. 28th, the Kennewick School District sent out a safety alert pertaining to Kamiakin High School. It was done via their new ParentSquare App and email service.

   Students reported to staff about another student with a 'gun'

KSD did not specify exactly what time the incident occurred but said students reported to staff they saw another student who had a weapon on school grounds Friday.

  Kennewick Police responded and the student was removed from class without disruption or incident.

According to KSD, the weapon turned out to be an Airsoft pistol. They closely resemble a real firearm, but instead shoot small 6 MM (millimeter) plastic or sometimes biodegradable 'bullets.'

It's basically a modern version of the old BB gun.

They don't break apart like paintballs from a paintball gun.  Several online websites say the pellets can leave welts, especially if fired from close range, and can cause injuries if someone is hit in the eye, but are not considered a lethal weapon.

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KSD says the school and police are in the "process of investigating" the incident. No lockdown occurred due to the situation. No word on why the student had the Airsoft with them at school.

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