Kennewick police are working to find where a recent rash of counterfeit bills are coming from.Consumers are asked to immediately contact police if they come across, or are given, what turns out to be counterfeit money. Sergeant Ken Lattin said five incidents have occurred:

  • Fake $20s and $5s (three by same person) found Jan. 8 and 10 at 528 S. Ely (Tesoro Food Mart).
  • Fake $20 found Jan. 13 at Twigs Bistro.
  • Fake $5 found at Westgate School Jan. 14 that was transferred sometime in December.
  • a local McDonald's restaurant possessed a fake $10 identified at Banner Bank Jan. 15 at 8200 W. Gage.
  • Yokes Market identified five counterfeit bills it received Jan. 11.

Lattin also reported that, unfortunately, many businesses don't detect or report counterfeit bills when they are presented. The crime isn't detected until deposits are made at the bank, where employees regularly inspect deposits coming from businesses. Because of this, it's often difficult to trace the path of the money. If you have any suspicions or information, you are asked to notify KPD immediately at 586-TIPS (8477) or visit

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