Once again, alcohol and roundabouts don't mix.

For at least the fourth time in the last three months, Kennewick police arrested an intoxicated driver who just couldn't seem to navigate one of the many roundabouts in town.  Kennewick is in the top 3 in U.S. communities who have them.

Early Wednesday morning, Joshua Fisher was arrested on DUI charges after he plowed his car into the roundabout at 4th. and Kellogg. This is the second accident at this location involving a drunk driver.

From the pictures, he was obviously traveling rather fast, as the collision snapped and the lower right suspension, tie rods, and according to reports, destroyed most of the undercarriage and suspension.

Once again, roundabout 1, drunk driver, 0.

Second such wreck at 4th. and Kellogg in less than six weeks. (Kennewick police)