I saw a Ford F-150 on the side of the freeway yesterday with lights flashing from the inside. Looked like a totally normal truck except for the lights flashing. Seems like every time I turn around there are more unmarked police cars. Is that a good idea?

I thought the entire point of police cruisers was to allow the community to see its police force out and about. It makes people feel secure and it deters criminals.

Unmarked vehicles seem clandestine to me. Are you the "secret police"?

If I saw a regular-looking Ford F-150 come up behind me and flash lights, I'd DEFINITELY think twice about pulling over. Is it a new, unmarked police vehicle or is it someone impersonating a police officer in order to hijack me?

Presumably these unmarked vehicles are for the gang unit. Today's criminals need special units and those units have special equipment and vehicles. But the truck I saw was doing normal police work. I just find it an unsettling trend. Am I crazy?

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