Have you seen the popular "What My Friends Think I Do" memes on Facebook? Our radio engineer John McDaniel shared his via video this week.

Working on the ground in radio, we have an appreciation for the folks who periodically have to climb our tower out in the Newstalk 870 pasture.

When a light bulb goes out in your home, it's an easy fix. Not so for us.

You have probably seen our Newstalk 870 tower just east of the Blue Bridge in Pasco. At night three beacons (flashing red lights) protect it from airplanes. It is a strict FAA and FCC requirement that these beacons work. Occasionally, the bulbs do go out -- although regular maintenance never lets them get that old.

Would YOU want this job? Watch this video and decide. Just imagine climbing up a 1,700-foot radio tower to change a light bulb!