The Benton County Sheriff's department lends the use of their K-9 units to area law enforcement agencies who don't have police dogs, and in Prosser it paid off.

Over the course of Wednesday and Thursday, Prosser police (acting on tips and from an investigation) brought in Benton County K-9 Sawyer to go over a mini van that was suspected to be carrying drugs, and possibly drugs being sold from it.

Sure enough, K-9 Sawyer sniffed out the source, and inside police and Sheriff's found 'multiple controlled substances.' The box pictured is just part of what was found.

Officers didn't say, but it's likely those associated with the vehicle are in custody or being investigated. Sawyer is a bit of a rarity in the police dog world, a Lab-Shar-Pei mix, but has already sniffed out a number of drug spots.

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