If you want to take small children camping you need a place with no snakes or bears, a manageable distance from deep water, comfortable tent sites, and a short drive. Here are 7 parks that fit the bill:
Remember, though, that a burn ban is in effect at state parks due to the drought.

  • 1

    Fish Hook Park

    On the Snake River just up from Burbank. On the way to Ice Harbor Dam.

  • 2

    Hood Park

    Next to Burbank, just on the other side of the Snake River from Pasco.

  • 3

    Charbonneau State Park

    On the Snake River just up from Burbank, halfway between Hood River and Fish Hook State Parks.

  • 4

    Plymouth Park

    Plymouth, Washington is just south of Kennewick across the river from Umatilla.

  • 5

    Outside of Naches, Washington

    Naches is just north of Yakima. Stop and have a burger in Union Gap or Yakima and then drive into the beautiful Cascades just two hours from home.

  • 6

    Tucannon Campground

    Outside of Dayton, Washington east of Pasco. Near Camp Wooten.

  • 7

    Lewis & Clark Trail State Park

    Just outside Dayton, Washington along the Touchet River.

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