Blowup those toys and relax in the water during the remainder of these next few Summer months.

Here are some of the best and weirdest inflatables for you and the whole family!

1. Intex Sea Turtle Ride On



For $21.50, this giant Turtle provides fun filled water entertainment for kids ages 3 and older.   With large air chambers and durible handles, you are guaranteed not to be worrying about a cheaply made product.  So throw out that old inflatable ring and jump on this life size water creature!










2. Banzai Double Drop Water Slide

Enjoy the two steep drops of this inflatable slide and cool off at the end with the splash pool.  Don’t worry dad, in only 2 minutes this giant slide will be inflated with a continuous-airflow motor which is included.  Enjoy the wet and wild ride and waterfall adventure in your own backyard for less than $350!

3. Sea- Saw Rocker

I’m sure you don’t own one of these! This giant inflatable sea-saw rocker is not only heavy duty and durable, but allows for hours of fun. Your kids are going to be begging you to play in the pool rather than making that trek out to the playground. Buy 90 inch long inflatable sea-saw today for less than $50!







4. Double Headed Curly Serpent

Instead of a toy only one kid can use at a time, try this pool floaty out! This sea monster proves that two heads are better than one, allowing optimal fun for all the kids.  Recommended for kids ages 5- 14 years old, hours can be spent on a lake or in a pool riding the friendly serpent for only $28.24.